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What Happens When We Die? Quantum Theory Sheds Light On Life After Death : Conscious Life News

What Happens When We Die? Quantum Theory Sheds Light On Life After Death : Conscious Life News

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution

The most important query so many people have in life, one which we’ve got been looking for to reply for years: what occurs once we die?

Even modern-day science seeks to reply this query. The place does human consciousness come from and what’s its origin? Is it merely a product of the mind, or if the mind itself is a receiver of consciousness. If consciousness just isn’t a product of the mind, it will imply that our bodily our bodies are not vital for its continuation; that consciousness can exist outdoors our our bodies.

Asking these questions is prime to understanding the true nature of our actuality, and with quantum physics gaining extra reputation, questions relating to consciousness and its relationship to human physicality turn into more and more related.

Max Planck, the theoretical physicist credited with originating quantum concept — a feat that gained him the Physics Nobel Prize in 1918 — provides maybe the perfect rationalization for why understanding consciousness is so important: “I regard consciousness as elementary. I regard matter as by-product from consciousness. We can’t get behind consciousness. All the things that we speak about, every part that we regard as present, postulates consciousness.”(supply)

Eugene Wigner, additionally a theoretical physicist and mathematician, said that it’s not potential to “formulate the legal guidelines of quantum mechanics in a totally constant method irrespective of consciousness.”

Does Consciousness Transfer on After Dying?

In 2010, one of the revered scientists on the earth, Robert Lanza, revealed a e-book titled Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding The True Nature of the Universe. 

An skilled in regenerative drugs and the scientific director of Superior Cell Know-how Firm, Lanza can also be very curious about quantum mechanics and astrophysics, an curiosity that led him on a path to creating his principle of biocentrism: the idea that life and consciousness are elementary to understanding the character of our actuality, and that consciousness comes previous to the creation of the fabric universe.

His principle implies that our consciousness doesn’t die with us, however slightly strikes on, and this means that consciousness just isn’t a product of the mind. It’s one thing else totally, and trendy science is simply starting to know what that is perhaps.

This concept is greatest illustrated by the quantum double slit experiment. It’s is a superb instance that paperwork how elements related to consciousness and our bodily materials world are related not directly; that the observer creates the truth.

Physicists are being pressured to confess that the universe might be a psychological development, or on the very least, that consciousness performs a elementary position within the creation of matter.

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R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins College  wrote in a 2005 publication for the journal Nature:

In accordance with [pioneering physicist] Sir James Denims: “the stream of data is heading in the direction of a non-mechanical actuality; the Universe begins to look extra like an incredible thought than like a terrific machine. Thoughts not seems to be an unintentional intruder into the realm of matter… we ought somewhat to hail it because the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” . . . The Universe is immaterial-mental and religious. Reside, and luxuriate in.

(“The Psychological Universe”; Nature 436:29,2005) (supply)

Lanza’s concept implies that if the physique generates consciousness, then consciousness dies when the physique dies. But when the physique receives consciousness in the identical method that a cable field receives satellite tv for pc alerts, then in fact consciousness doesn’t finish on the demise of the bodily car. That is an instance that’s generally used to explain the enigma of consciousness.

The double slit experiment has proven repeatedly that “observations not solely disturb what needs to be measured, however additionally they produce it. . . . We compel [the electron] to imagine a particular place. . . . We ourselves produce the outcomes of the measurement.”  (supply)

The concept we could possibly be dwelling in a holographic-type of the universe shouldn’t be so far-fetched, and if the observer is required for bodily matter to manifest, then the observer should exist earlier than the bodily physique.

The speculation that the mind creates consciousness dominates the mainstream materialistic world of science, regardless of the wealth of proof displaying that the mind (and our complete bodily actuality, for that matter) could possibly be a product of consciousness.

Under is a superb quote for instance what is supposed by “materials” science.

“The fashionable scientific worldview is predominantly predicated on assumptions which might be intently related to classical physics. Materialism—the concept matter is the one actuality—is one among these assumptions. A associated assumption is a reductionism, the notion that complicated issues may be understood by decreasing them to the interactions of their elements, or to easier or extra elementary issues comparable to tiny materials particles.”

– Manifesto for a Publish-Materialist Science

Analyzing the neurochemical processes within the mind that happen when one is having a subjective expertise is essential, and does supply sure insights. It tells us that when ‘this’ sort of expertise is occurring, ‘that’ is occurring within the mind. Nevertheless it does not show that the neurochemical processes are producing the expertise. What if the expertise itself is producing the neurochemical processes?

Figuring out how consciousness causes matter to materialize is our subsequent step. One factor is for sure, nevertheless; with all the info on the market postulating the existence of consciousness as unbiased from the mind, it’s time to push the boundaries of our present accepted framework of data and query what we expect we all know.

The implications of this concept are immense. Simply think about if life after dying have been confirmed by the mainstream scientific group — how a lot would this influence not solely our understanding of science, but in addition philosophy, faith, and lots of different areas of our lives?

A Nice Lecture

Under is a superb video from Dr. Gary Schwartz, a professor on the College of Arizona, discussing whether or not consciousness is the product of the mind or a receiver of it. It’s slightly overview of a topic that is filled with peer-reviewed scientific analysis that not many individuals have the time to undergo. It might truly virtually be unattainable to undergo all of it.

Some materialistically inclined scientists and philosophers refuse to acknowledge these phenomena as a result of they don’t seem to be in keeping with their unique conception of the world. Rejection of post-materialist investigation of nature or refusal to publish robust science findings supporting a post-materialist framework is antithetical to the true spirit of scientific inquiry, which is that empirical knowledge should all the time be adequately handled. Knowledge which don’t match favored theories and beliefs can’t be dismissed a priori. Such dismissal is the realm of ideology, not science.

– Dr. Gary Schwartz, Professor of Psychology, Drugs, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgical procedure on the College of Arizona (1)

What About Close to Dying Experiences?

Under is a video of Dr. Bruce Greyson talking at a convention that was held by the United Nations. He’s thought-about to be one of many fathers of near-death research and is a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Science on the College of Virginia.

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Within the video, he describes documented instances of people who have been clinically lifeless (displaying no mind exercise) however observing every part that was occurring to them on the medical desk under on the similar time. He describes how there have been many situations of this — the place people are capable of describe issues that ought to have been unimaginable to explain. One other vital assertion by Dr. Greyson posits that one of these research has been discouraged on account of our tendency to view science as utterly materialistic. Seeing is believing, so to talk, within the scientific group. It’s unlucky that simply because we can’t clarify one thing by way of materialistic means, it have to be immediately discredited. The straightforward proven fact that “consciousness” itself is a non-physical “factor” is troubling for some scientists to grasp, and because of it being non-material, they consider it can’t be studied by science.

Close to Dying Experiences (NDE’s) have been documented and studied for a very long time. For instance, in 2001, the worldwide medical journal The Lancet revealed a 13-year research on Close to Dying Experiences (NDEs):

Our outcomes present that medical elements can’t account for the prevalence of NDE. All sufferers had a cardiac arrest and have been clinically lifeless with unconsciousness ensuing from inadequate blood provide to the mind. In these circumstances, the EEG (a measure of mind electrical exercise) turns into flat, and if CPR is just not began inside 5-10 minutes, irreparable injury is completed to the mind and the affected person will die. (2)(three)

Researchers monitored a complete of 344 sufferers, and an astounding 18% of them had some type of reminiscence from once they have been lifeless or unconscious (no mind exercise), and 12% (1 out of each eight) had a really robust and “deep” expertise. Take into account that these experiences have occurred when there isn’t a electrical exercise within the mind following cardiac arrest.

One other research comes out of the College of Southampton, the place scientists discovered proof that consciousness can proceed for at the very least a number of minutes after dying. Within the scientific world, this was considered inconceivable. It’s the world’s largest near-death experiences research ever revealed, and it was revealed within the journal Resuscitation: (four)

In 2008, a large-scale research involving 2060 sufferers from 15 hospitals in the UK, the USA, and Austria was launched. The AWARE (AWAreness throughout REsuscitation) research, sponsored by the College of Southampton within the UK, examined the broad vary of psychological experiences in relation to dying. Researchers additionally examined the validity of acutely aware experiences utilizing goal markers for the primary time in a big research to find out whether or not claims of consciousness suitable with out-of-body experiences correspond with actual or hallucinatory occasions. (supply)


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