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Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark : Conscious Life News

Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark : Conscious Life News

By Jeff | Divine Cosmos

A perception that appears to be prevalent in lots of religious circles is that the ascension of humanity includes some type of battle between the forces of sunshine and the forces of darkness — a battle between good and evil.  Related to this perception is the concept we (the so-called woke up and enlightened ones) should defeat these of the darkness to efficiently co-create new earth.  When you haven’t been drawn into this us-against-them mindset congratulations, you’re in all probability higher off with out it (no less than that’s my rivalry).  For these which were drawn into this perception, I humbly supply my perspective on this topic in your consideration.

From a superficial standpoint, there’s definitely some fact to this perception — there definitely is an ongoing wrestle between mild and darkish on our world.  However when explored extra deeply, you’ll discover that this concept incorporates a terrific fallacy.  And worse but, holding this perception may truly block one from ascending and contributing to co-creating the brand new Earth.

When immersed in a separation actuality like our personal, it’s so straightforward to fall into the lure of believing that we’re in a battle between good and evil, that these of the sunshine is right here to defeat these of the darkness and save the world.  In fact, this perception can solely come up inside a consciousness that’s nonetheless within the grip of the phantasm of separation.  And paradoxically, holding this perception can solely maintain the disharmonious and fearful circumstances that we have now to date co-created in our actuality.  To know and transcend the fallacy of sunshine versus darkish, you need to first perceive the phantasm of separation that our actuality was designed to supply, and why we selected to create an expertise such a actuality.  However earlier than I discover all of that, let’s briefly look at the state of our world.

The Darkness in Our World

There’s no denying that there’s greater than a bit of darkness in our world.  Worry, battle, and struggling have been operating rampant for so long as we will keep in mind.  It definitely seems that evil is alive and nicely.  No less than that’s the impression one may get from watching the mainstream information — whose main objective appears to be to sow worry.

However definitely, there isn’t any scarcity of souls which were enjoying in the dead of night, to various levels, in lots of their lives inside the Earth Recreation.  A number of the most infamous of those darkish ones are these concerned within the so-called Cabal/Illuminati.  However there are lots of others, in all kinds of positions in our society — and this consists of many (however definitely under no circumstances all) company, governmental, army, and even spiritual leaders.  These extraordinarily self-serving individuals appear to measure their self-worth by how a lot wealth they will accumulate and the way a lot energy over others they will have, and they’re sometimes obsessive about their very own achievement and energy and have little regard for the welfare of others.

Probably the most devoted of those individuals have been ruthlessly consolidating their energy and wealth by way of their command of the worldwide banking and monetary system, by creating trans-national company empires, and infiltrating our governments with their minions.  Encouraging division amongst us is one in every of their most potent instruments that facilitates their self-serving agendas.  They maintain us divided by encouraging worry, competitors, and battle amongst us.

The Nice Awakening

In case you are studying this text, then you definitely’re in all probability conscious that there’s a nice awakening spreading all through Humanity. Increasingly individuals are awakening to their true religious nature, the higher religious actuality, and the metaphysical nature of existence.  It’s this awakening that may inevitably result in a nice transformation of ourselves and our world.

As part of this awakening course of, increasingly individuals are turning into acutely conscious that humanity has been underneath the thumb of some very destructive and self-serving individuals bent on their very own self-aggrandizement and world domination.  Many awakening souls are greater than just a little shocked once they understand the reality of this — once they understand that we’ve allowed ourselves to be unwittingly manipulated and subjugated by these darkish ones.  Some are so appalled by the unsettling revelations of lies, greed, manipulation, and management that they get drawn into judgment, blame, and condemnation of these seen as accountable (some even get caught obsessively specializing in the injustice of it, a really unproductive frame of mind that I name awakening shock syndrome).

With the shock of this realization, it’s no marvel that many individuals purchase into the assumption that part of our ascension course of includes a battle between good and evil and the defeat of the darkish ones.  However I didn’t write this text to complain concerning the state of the world or to encourage individuals to really feel like victims or to gasoline resentment, judgment, blame, and condemnation.  I wrote this text to level out that the supposedly religious concept of “mild versus darkish,” and the “us towards them” mentality that it represents, is a delicate but insidious lure.  A lure that’s crucial to turning into conscious of as a result of it could possibly probably cease us from ascending and co-creating a brand new and higher Earth.

The Metaphor of Mild and Darkish

It’s essential to know that the phrases “mild” and “darkish” are merely metaphors for the diploma of connectivity and alignment that one has with their higher-self.  When one is well-connected and aligned with the upper ranges of their consciousness (their soul, over-soul, and past), they more and more categorical a method of being that displays the state of being of their higher-self.  This manner of being is characterised by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, fearlessness, positivity, and service-to-others — to call just some.  The extra you categorical these qualities, the extra it might be stated that you’re “shining the sunshine” of your higher-self into this world.

In the identical vein, the time period “darkish” or “darkness” is just a metaphor for the shortage of connection and alignment with ones higher-self.  When one is poorly related and misaligned with one’s higher-self, one’s means of being will veer off within the course of negativity, worry, self-reservedness, and maybe even lust for power-over-others.  How far one will go on this course simply depends upon one’s diploma of misalignment with their higher-self and their distinctive set of experiences.  The extra one expresses this manner of being, the extra it could possibly be stated that one is in “darkness” or “enjoying at the hours of darkness” — or if we need to get over-dramatic “gone to the darkish aspect.”

There’s No Drive of Darkness

It’s necessary to know that there isn’t any drive of darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist by itself, it isn’t a factor unto itself, darkness is just the shortage of sunshine. All that basically exists is the “mild” of your higher-self.  Should you block a light-weight supply, you create a shadow — an space the place the sunshine is far dimmer.  Whenever you block the “mild” of your higher-self, you create darkness.  Metaphorically talking that’s, as a result of keep in mind what we’re actually speaking about is the diploma of connection and alignment together with your greater self or the shortage thereof, and the best way of being you categorical on this world.

So, there isn’t a “pressure” of darkness, no pressure of evil.  There’s nothing pushing us to turn out to be damaging and self-serving aside from our personal unconsciousness (our personal disconnection from our higher-selves).  We’re creating our personal darkness by unwittingly blocking the love and lightweight and knowledge of our higher-self — our darkness and the darkness in our world is self-created! Finally there’s nothing aside from the “phantasm of separation” that causes one to comply with the unfavorable path or flip to the darkish aspect.  Extra concerning the phantasm of separation coming shortly.

Eckhart Tolle eloquently echoes my level concerning the origin of darkness, in his guide A New Earth, when he stated There is just one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. With this realization, your sufferer id dissolves, and your true energy emerges. As an alternative of blaming the darkness, you deliver within the mild.

Our true selves, our higher-selves, are the love and lightweight we search — we’re already that if we permit it.  However we ourselves are blocking the love and lightweight of our higher-selves and creating the darkness in ourselves and our world.  This concept was eloquently expressed by Rumi, the beloved 13th-century Persian poet, and Sufi mystic when he stated:

Your activity is to not search for love, however merely to hunt and discover all of the obstacles inside your self that you’ve constructed towards it.

And the 2 most vital limitations to expressing the love and lightweight of our higher-selves are undoubtedly our worry and ego.  These are the numerous limitations that I feel Rumi may need been eluding to, however in fact, there’s a multitude of variations.  However let’s not demonize worry and ego, as a result of they’re simply pure penalties of diving into the expertise of a separation actuality assemble like our personal.  And as I alluded to earlier, to know the fallacy of the “mild versus darkish” concept one has to know the phantasm of separation our actuality offers us.

The Phantasm of Separation

We particularly created our actuality assemble to have a separation expertise, and it certainly produces a really highly effective phantasm of separation.  And naturally, this was not a mistake, we (larger features of ourselves — our oversouls and past) deliberately designed this actuality as the last word expertise of individuality, separation, and limitation.  So, we understood full properly what we have been moving into once we selected to dive into the separation recreation.

We needed to expertise one thing dramatically totally different than our native state as formless and non-physical threads of Supply Consciousness — everlasting limitless creator beings!  We needed to discover the chances and experiences that such a separation actuality would offer us.  We needed to discover the states of consciousness, and methods of being that may emerge inside it and all their ramifications.  We needed to see what that may be like and what it might train us.

Enjoying the Separation Recreation

We’ve all been enjoying the separation recreation for fairly a while now — we’ve got all performed many many rounds on this recreation. Every time we enter the sport (incarnate) the Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing takes impact, and we overlook all the things previous to beginning the sport — we overlook selecting to play, we overlook our causes for enjoying, we overlook our studying and progress aims for enjoying the present spherical, and we overlook every thing concerning the wider actuality and the true nature of ourselves.

With the in-your-face extremely convincing expertise of separation that our actuality presents our consciousness, it’s not shocking that we shortly get sucked into the drama of the sport.  As a result of we don’t keep in mind that we’re everlasting consciousness (non-physical and formless), we shortly grow to be strongly recognized with our our bodies as who and what we’re.  And since we will’t keep in mind something concerning the wider actuality, the larger image, we shortly come to consider that the world that we understand with our bodily senses is all that there’s.  And step-by-step we get drawn ever-deeper into the drama of the sport, and ever-deeper into Separation Consciousness, and we develop into completely misplaced inside the recreation.

The Emergence of Egoic and Sufferer Consciousness

And as soon as immersed in, and mesmerized by, the drama of the sport we shortly lose our connection to our larger self and our consciousness, primarily, devolves.  However not likely a lot devolve as to achieve a state in contrast to something attainable in some other context of expertise.  A state of consciousness solely attainable inside a separation actuality like our personal — an fascinating and distinctive state that we’d name Separation Consciousness.  And this state of consciousness has two main elements; specifically Egoic Consciousness and Sufferer Consciousness.

Egoic Consciousness is a state characterised by a really robust sense of id and individuality — one which frequently expresses as self-centeredness, self-reservedness, greediness, defensiveness, and so forth.  Sufferer Consciousness is a state characterised by the assumption that one is essentially on the mercy of circumstances past their management, and sometimes expresses as worry, hopelessness, disempowerment, and so forth.  And since the state of our world is just a mirrored image of our collective state of consciousness, our world is characterised by loads of worry, greed, competitors, and battle.

Notice that the widespread denominator right here is FEAR.  In fact, worry just isn’t an unreasonable response to what our actuality typically presents us.  In any case, there’s loads of obvious hazard and limitation to fret about if we so select.  As a result of worry naturally arises inside a separation actuality like our personal, we don’t have to demonize it, all we have to do is to know it.

Worry is the Root of Darkness

And right here’s some of the necessary issues to know about worry — it’s the primary factor blocking us from expressing the love and compassion of our greater selves.  Finally a lot of the hurtful damaging self-serving issues individuals do is pushed by their worry — worry that they aren’t ok or worthy, worry that they gained’t have sufficient, worry that they don’t seem to be protected, worry for his or her survival, and so forth.

And because the beloved Yoda character from the Star Wars tales so aptly identified — Worry is the trail to the darkish aspect.

Quote by Yoda: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

The basis of all of the darkness in our world is FEAR.  Till we deeply perceive this, we’ll discover it troublesome to unconditionally forgive and love these nonetheless enjoying in the dead of night. And till we do that we’ll be trapped in judgment and condemnation and be unwittingly perpetuating the world as we all know it — a world of battle and ache and struggling.  Solely unconditional love can heal our world.

A current message from considered one of my favourite non-physical academics, Seth (by way of considered one of my favourite channelers, Story Waters) actually hammers residence this level.

Darkness is an phantasm. Darkness is the absence of sunshine and that absence of sunshine comes by way of unconsciousness. And that unconsciousness is skilled as FEAR. Worry is that which hides the sunshine. All are mild.

The battle shouldn’t be towards ignorance (or evil) or these which are referred to as ignorant (or evil); the battle is towards FEAR… See people who seem ignorant clearly by seeing their worry. For whenever you see their worry you’ll not see them as different, you’ll not see them as separate and ignorant, you will notice them as beings in worry.

And, once you perceive they’re in worry, and that they don’t seem to be being pushed by some nefarious drive of darkness, then you will notice that they’re simply loving beings in worry and it is possible for you to to like them — then you’ll uncover the compassion, the compassion of the woke up one, the compassion of the open coronary heart that sees that each one the ills on the planet come from worry.

— Seth (by way of Story Waters, an excerpt from the Shards of Mild Collection)

Whenever you perceive that worry is on the root of each sick in our world, you’re on the doorstep of transcending it and all that it leads too.  And transcending worry and shifting to like is among the biggest challenges that the separation recreation has to supply.  One thing that each one the souls within the recreation proper now we’re hoping they might obtain as part of the good awakening and transformation recreation plan (extra about that recreation plan later on this article).


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