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By Lucas Dare | Waking Occasions

“The important thing concept for the area fence is about surveillance past comprehension, all the best way right down to the DNA.” ~Elana Freeland

Lockheed Martin, one of many world’s largest army industrial contractors, is main the event of a ‘area fence‘ to encompass planet earth with a brand new breed of excessive frequency satellite tv for pc communications. The ostensible objective is to offer the U.S. Air Drive with the power to determine and monitor objects and ‘area junk,’ and to detect area occasions, nevertheless, the system will even present an unprecedented degree of surveillance over the whole planet.

“Development is underway on Kwajalein Atoll within the Marshall Islands to construct Area Fence, a classy system that may dramatically enhance the best way the U.S. Air Drive identifies and tracks objects in area.

Area Fence will use Gallium Nitride (GaN) powered S-band ground-based radars to offer the Air Drive with uncued detection, monitoring and correct measurement of area objects, primarily in low-earth orbit.

The places and better wave frequency of the brand new Area Fence radars will allow the detection of a lot smaller microsatellites and particles than present techniques. Moreover, Lockheed Martin’s Area Fence design will considerably enhance the timeliness with which operators can detect area occasions, which might current potential threats to GPS satellites or the Worldwide Area Station. The pliability and sensitivity of the system will present protection of deep area geosynchronous orbits whereas sustaining the surveillance fence.” 

Model 1.zero of the area fence, dubbed Air Pressure Area Surveillance System, went stay in 1961 and got here offline in 2013 in preparation for the brand new model, which will probably be in a position, ‘use S-band radar and can monitor a bigger variety of small objects than earlier area radars: “about 200,000 objects and make 1.5 million observations per day, about 10 occasions the quantity” made by present or lately retired US belongings.“‘

Hidden Intent

Truthful info, not advertising propaganda, is as all the time troublesome to return by when analyzing army industrial tasks, nevertheless to some, the area fence is greater than a posh system to maintain us protected in area, and know-how of this nature and energy represents an excessive escalation within the conflict on the person and the conflict on consciousness.

Elana Freeland, investigative journalist and writer of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, is publishing a brand new e-book in 2017 entitled, The Area Fence, which mixes her information of covert applied sciences and the frequency warfare on planet earth with particular info associated to the area fence challenge. Her evaluation results in the conclusion that this undertaking is a part of an internet of applied sciences being put into place to watch, surveil and affect people on a mass and on a person scale, with the intention of making a high-frequency jail of types, which can have an effect on human conduct and consciousness in a means that advantages the goals of the world’s ruling elite.

The area fence is exactly the kind of know-how wanted to deliver human consciousness beneath full management in a brand new variety of presidency, the technocracy. In line with journalist Jon Rappoport, that is the belief of the darkish imaginative and prescient for humanity as described by Aldous Huxley in Courageous New World. Rappoport remarks:

“Each time I learn Courageous New World I see complacent animals grazing in pastures. That’s the image. Human animals at peace within the fields. Nothing to care about. Nothing to consider. Simply bend and chew. Don’t fear, be completely happy.

Courageous New World reveals a panorama during which individuals can be unable to show round and throw off what has been executed to them. They might not contemplate it. They might haven’t any foundation for comparability. They might haven’t any cultural reminiscence.

They’re dwelling in a common super-welfare state. Their wants are glad—particularly the central want: pleasure. It isn’t gained or labored for. It’s given. It’s a reality as primary as rain and solar. It’s there. It’s the shortest distance between the current second and the subsequent second.” ~Jon Rappoport

Secrecy is the norm in our world at present, and there are, in fact, two tales behind the area fence challenge: the official model of making a safer world, and the extra holistic model uncovered and revealed by devoted journalists and whistleblowers. 

“The diploma of secrecy from official sources that we’ve discovered to stay with in trendy society is reaching a dysfunctional degree between the general public state and deep state covert operations. Packages that embrace geoengineering, climate manipulation, and makes an attempt to ionize our environment for the needs of surveillance do exist, though they’re utterly ignored by mainstream media. The thought of an unlimited area fence being constructed with public cash however with no compelling rationalization being given, results in the likelihood that there are highly effective causes for hiding it.” ~Darkish Journalist

Space Fence

The Frequency Jail – How the Area Fence Will Act as a Planetary Lockdown System

In a current interview with Darkish Journalist, Freeland explains how a deluge of superior applied sciences developed by the army and funded by the deep state will probably be delivered to bear on the human race.

Her investigation appears into the covert intention to switch and invade the human physique with nano-technologies designed to behave as receivers for frequency info distributed by packages akin to HAARP and the area fence. Nano-bots, nano-fibers, genetically modified organisms, engineered micro organism, and heavy metals, are already being delivered into the human inhabitants by geoengineering tasks, vaccines, meals, water, and prescription drugs.

“They need these nano-bots inside our our bodies. These are the little towers inside that may give full management, not solely over our physique, however over our brains.

These nano-bots are wired for a wi-fi world and could be remotely triggered.” ~Elana Freeland

Talking on the matter of distant thoughts management as achieved by a worldwide community of electromagnetic management, she remarks:

“The important thing concept for the area fence is… about surveillance past comprehension, all the best way right down to the DNA. and the surveillance shouldn’t be, don;t assume satellites and issues up within the sky, assume your cell towers and the GWEN towers and the NEXRADs throughout the nation. And now consider the little heavy metals inside your bloodstream which are turning your whole physique into – it’s all the time been an electrical tower, our our bodies are transmitters and receivers – however now, with the heavy metals in there, which might be extremely conductive, and dwelling in a wi-fi setting with plenty of waves shifting by way of us on a regular basis, even in distant areas, we’ve to assume that that is a part of the surveillance system. These are the little towers inside us, that may give full management, not solely over our physique, however over our brains. And that is what they’re heading towards. The area fence could be very a lot related to transhumanism, and the so-called singularity that they consider is coming. They’re working arduous to rework the earth aircraft into one thing unnatural, synthetic.” ~Elana Freeland

The online of technological management turns into much more complicated and extra encompassing whenever you add to this the deployment of sounding rockets delivering aluminum-oxide into the higher environment, the spraying of barium within the skies, CERN, and HAARP know-how. The goal is the formation of a saturnine ring across the planet, creating a decent ring of surveillance and genetic management over planet earth and the human race.

The area fence is the type of venture, shrouded in secrecy and disinfo, American taxpayers are funding with little to no rationalization, no accountability, and no attainable solution to perceive. Whereas our financial system at house is being gutted by central banks and a globalist takeover, we’re being led into the shackles of the technocracy.

Foreshadowing This Darkish New World

As with most of the darkest plans of the world elite, their intent is usually foreshadowed by Hollywood in science fiction movies. The predictive programming relating to SKYNET within the movie The Terminator is a basic instance.

The next clip from the 2009 film Gamer, provides a glimpse of a system reminiscent of this. In it, the villain has delivered nano-technologies into the brains of individuals, which act as receivers of alerts despatched by himself, giving him the facility to direct the actions of others.

Within the following breakdown of the villain’s plan within the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, the evil capitalist, performed by Samuel Jackson, has given free SIM playing cards to everybody on the planet, whereby he can transmit a sign inflicting individuals to unwittingly go right into a violent murderous rage. The endgame right here is international depopulation to rid the earth of the ‘virus,’ which is how he views human beings.

Remaining Ideas

“We’re up towards one thing very organized, very scientific, and really harmful.” ~ Elana Freeland

The proof of a conflict on consciousness being waged towards the human race is substantial. Journalist Graham Hancock has outlined with nice eloquence how the conflict on medicine makes an attempt to limit our entry to the huge powers of our spirituality, and now this struggle goes digital, taking to the heavens.

Info of this nature presents with the chance to extend our personal private consciousness and work in the direction of the elevation of private and collective consciousness, empowering us to each resist and survive this insanity.

Concerning the Writer

Lucas Dare is a employees author for Waking Occasions, the place evolution and revolution unite, and for Offgrid Outpost.

This text (Area Fence Program Takes the Warfare on Consciousness to the Heavens) was initially created and revealed by Waking Occasions and is revealed right here underneath a Artistic Commons license with attribution to Lucas Dare and WakingTimes.com. It might be re-posted freely with correct attribution and writer bio.

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