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The Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland

By Christina Sarich | Waking Occasions 

There’s an endocrine gland inside our our bodies that, when unimpeded, receives extra blood movement per cubic quantity than virtually any organ within the physique, together with the guts.[1][2] It has been written about in masked language, or painted in artwork all through the ages, and represented in a staggering variety of methods for hundreds of years – but trendy drugs hasn’t discovered it fascinating sufficient to review clinically – or has it?

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The pineal gland’s true objective is shrouded in thriller. Is that this intentional?

Will it take an info coup to maintain us from being estranged from the cosmic presents which so lots of our ancestors seek advice from as being locked inside this tiny pine-cone formed mass of cells, or is there trendy, scientific corroboration for what the ancients referred to as the Epicenter of Enlightenment simply ready for us to peruse?

Fundamentals of the Pineal Gland

On the floor degree, the ‘Pine’al’ gland, formed like a pinecone, is on the geometric middle of our mind and is intimately entwined with our notion of sunshine. The pineal gland modulates circadian rhythms, and thus how we sleep. It stays uniquely remoted from the blood-brain barrier system, but receives a better proportion of blood stream than some other organ of the physique besides the kidneys. The pineal gland is tiny – smaller than a dime – situated behind the roof of the third ventricle of the mind. (The ventricles are elements of the mind crammed with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which act to take care of the optimum chemical setting for the central nervous system cells). The pineal turns into steadily calcified with age,beginning most frequently earlier than puberty, which means it exhibits up clearly on cranium X-rays and CT scans to permit identification of the midline.[3]

It’s value mentioning right here that sodium fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. British scientist Jennifer Luke revealed a research displaying that fluoride deposits accumulate within the pineal gland and calcify it. Simply as bones undergo a strategy of calcification to harden – a very good factor, vital for our well being and functioning, the pineal gland can turn out to be ‘hardened’ by way of calcification, however to our biggest detriment, the explanations for which shall be defined as you learn additional.

Moreover, a 450 web page evaluation on fluoride toxicity revealed by the Nationwide Analysis Council in 2006 reported that fluoride produced a variety of unfavorable negative effects together with “decreased melatonin manufacturing” and “different results on regular pineal perform, which in flip might contribute to quite a lot of results in people.”

The Pineal, Mild, and Melatonin Manufacturing 

The sunshine-transducing means of the pineal gland has led some to name the pineal the “third eye”. Oddly, the pineal accommodates rods and cones, identical to our eyes as a way to course of mild, despite the fact that it’s smack dab within the middle of our ‘darkish’ brains. The gland can also be liable for creating and secreting melatonin. Melatonin communicates with our hormonal system about environmental mild to the remainder of the physique and may entrain us to a sure organic rhythm, however there’s extra to melatonin than simply regulating our sleep-wake cycles.

The precursor to melatonin is serotonin, which is saved in giant portions by the pineal gland – a hormone you’ll have heard of since it’s so keenly linked with feeling good. With out correct serotonin creation within the physique, the result’s melancholy, and typically extreme melancholy. Of the 40 million cells in our brains, serotonin interacts or communicates with virtually all of them.[4]

Is the Pineal Chargeable for Spontaneous Realization or Psychedelic Expertise?

On a religious degree, individuals in a whole lot of cultures all through the world have credited the pineal gland’s correct functioning with spontaneous religious experiences. Does it produce a psychedelic chemical or chemical compounds that permits us to exit into different dimensions, and even to enter and exit bodily type?Does it permit an escape from this bodily world by which we’re presently held prisoner? What, really, does this mysterious gland actually do?

The pineal gland types in a human embryo at 49 days throughout gestation – which simply occurs to even be the period of time it takes, in line with Tibetan Buddhists, for a soul to reincarnate into their subsequent bodily physique.[5]

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Different historic in addition to pure references to the pineal gland[6]and so lots of them, would definitely pique the curiosity of most any trendy scientist learning the mind, the endocrine system, botany, and even human intelligence, however there appears to be a shrouding of the mysteries of the pineal, for causes which could turn out to be extra apparent after studying additional. For instance:

  • The pinecone occurs to be the evolutionary precursor to the flower, with the spines spiraling in an ideal Fibonacci sequence, identical to the sacred geometry of a rose, a sunflower, or a nautilus shell.
  • The Employees of Osiris from the Egyptian tradition, courting again to roughly 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining serpents rising as much as meet at a pinecone.
  • Hindu gods are carved, sculpted or drawn holding a pinecone in an outstretched hand, and maybe probably the most outstanding ‘God’ on this multi-theistic tradition, Shiva, is usually depicted with hair that appears like a pinecone on his head.
  • Historic Assyrian palace carvings, courting again to 713-716 BC depict four-winged God-like figures purposefully holding pinecones up.
  • The Mexican god “Chicomecoatl” (Seven Snakes) depicts the deity providing pinecones in a single hand, and an evergreen tree within the different.
  • Dionysus, from Greek and Roman tradition typically carried a fennel employees topped with a pinecone.
  • The pineal gland is the one a part of the mind that isn’t bifurcated, and in Matthew 6:22 of the Christian bible it says, “The sunshine of the physique is the attention: if subsequently your eye be single, your entire physique shall be full of sunshine.”
  • Egyptian, Druidic, Hindu, Hasidic, Islamic, Taoist, Mayan, Tibetan and Aboriginal cultures all acknowledge the pineal gland of their artwork and literature.
  • Even the Catholic Pope’s employees typically has a pinecone on it. You can too see a pinecone within the Vatican flag.[7]

The Pineal, METAtonin, and OBEs

Right here’s the place the mainstream science on the pineal will get slightly skinny, to say they least. The pineal can also be instantly linked to the creation of METAtonin –  an in depth cousin of melatonin, typically referred to as a “excessive octave melatonin.” The primary psychoactive ingredient in METAtonin is DiMethyl Tryptamine or DMT. DMT, as talked about extensively by Terence McKenna and Dr. Rick Strassman, is considered chargeable for many individuals’s out-of-body (OBE) experiences, but the scientific knowledge on these is uncommon and in its toddler levels.

The Cottonwood Analysis Basis of New Mexico discovered that the pineal gland of rodents does certainly produce endogenous DMT: Rodents and people have a really comparable mobile construction and that’s the reason they’re used for endocrine analysis.[8]

METAtonin doesn’t suppress waking self-consciousness the identical approach melatonin does throughout sleep; as an alternative it modifies the borders of consciousness by briefly reprogramming our mind circuitry in a method which permits self consciousness (ego-identification) to separate from the physique consciousness whereas remaining conscious.

Andra Smith and Claude Messier, for instance, carried out a research using fMRI imaging on the College of Ottawa Division of Neuroscience[9] concluding that the OBE is alteration of the mind’s somatosensory (physique placement) circuitry that creates the phantasm of being displaced from the physique. Nevertheless, since consciousness can’t be measured or detected in any method, this conclusion is probably going false and minimally untimely.

Anthony Peake suggests that each cell within the physique is a repository of data that OBConsciousness can entry. His principle is that DNA molecules inside cells intercommuicate to create a holographic cloud of data and that inside this cloud we will discover micro Einstein-Rosen wormholes that permit OBConsciousness to entry distant elements of the universe and parallel realities. In essence, our expertise of previous, current and future is an phantasm, and the pineal gland’s correct functioning permits a type of ‘time’ journey, which additionally quantities to ‘area’ journey.[10]


Rupert Sheldrake furthers that an OBE expertise, by way of the opening of the pineal gland, permits us to get in contact with the planetary morphogenetic area by way of “morphic resonance.” Now for those who recall the divine geometry referred to earlier, and ponder the profound have an effect on resonance or vibration has upon the human organism, all these tremendous unusual theories begin to make lots of sense – regardless of mainstream science’s full blackout of data relating to these phenomena.

Sheldrake states[11]:

“Morphic resonance is a course of whereby self-organising methods inherit a reminiscence from earlier comparable techniques. In its most common formulation, morphic resonance signifies that the so-called legal guidelines of nature are extra like habits. The speculation of morphic resonance additionally results in a radically new interpretation of reminiscence storage within the mind and of organic inheritance. Reminiscence needn’t be saved in materials traces inside brains, that are extra like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the previous. And organic inheritance needn’t all be coded within the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; a lot of it depends upon morphic resonance from earlier members of the species. Thus every particular person inherits a collective reminiscence from previous members of the species, and in addition contributes to the collective reminiscence, affecting different members of the species sooner or later.”

The Pineal because the Gate to Epiphany

The potential for internally produced DMT-based METAtonin to affect the circuitry of the mind has been an ever-present element of human evolution[12] – a lot in order that its affect might have performed a serious half in lots of our biggest discoveries and epiphanies.

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These amongst us who pursue artistic/religious life often study to briefly glean a few of these secrets and techniques or at the very least get a glimpse of those alternate views, however by opening the ‘gates’ of the pineal gland via the manufacturing of DMT, we will entry realities which possible maintain the bigger secrets and techniques of the ages. It may additionally gasoline our future religious realization. We can’t permit the pineal gland to be left shut within the mind as a tiny, un-researched mass of cells. Although consciousness doubtless doesn’t have a bodily level of origination, the pineal gland appears to behave as an anchor for the secrets and techniques of the Universe – and its proper right here, inside us.

Concerning the Writer

Christina Sarich is a author, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her hundreds of articles could be discovered everywhere in the Web, and her insights additionally seem in magazines as numerous as Weston A. Worth, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, amongst others. She was lately a featured writer within the Journal, “Sensible Traditions in Meals, Farming, and Therapeutic Arts,” and her commentary on therapeutic, ascension, and human potential inform a big physique of the choice information lexicon. She has been invited to seem on quite a few radio exhibits, together with Well being Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Present, and dozens extra. The second version of her ebook, Pharma Sutra, shall be launched quickly.

This text (Mysteries of the Pineal Gland Ignored by Mainstream Science and Analysis) was initially created and revealed by Waking Occasions and is revealed right here beneath a Artistic Commons license with attribution to Christina Sarich and WakingTimes.com. It might be re-posted freely with correct attribution, writer bio, and this copyright assertion.

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