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BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Answers Tough Questions: Focus on 5G : Conscious Life News

BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth Answers Tough Questions: Focus on 5G : Conscious Life News

On this new collection of articles, I search to research a specific topic, know-how, drugs, or nutrient from a sound evaluation perspective. So as to take action, I might be utilizing methods and information I’ve discovered from the superb Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Well being, situated in Albany, OH. There are various practitioners, of this integrative sort of drugs, in america and in quite a few different areas of the world. For extra info, you’ll be able to take a look at the web site at www.soundhealthoptions.com.

For this primary article, I might be looking on the essential new know-how, referred to as 5G, a know-how which is being put in as we converse all over the world. One can’t sometimes hear about 5G with out listening to about a few of the grave considerations concerning the security and lack of testing of this know-how.

I felt impelled to put in writing this text after watching an eye-opening YouTube video, about 5G. It was a quite simple video manufacturing, one with out the modifying and gloss typical of YouTube movies as we speak. But I used to be transfixed by the charisma and conviction of the speaker within the video. He spoke so earnestly and intelligently from the alcove of his house, about this topic. His video was referred to as “Pressing! Forbidden Info, a should watch! 5G is a kill grid that may result in pressured vaccinations.” (Imbriano, 2018)

The person within the video is known as Joe Imbriano. He’s a scientist and activist. He has taken a specific curiosity within the results, of WiFi, usually, and 5G know-how, particularly. His pseudonym on YouTube is “The Fullerton Informer,” and he has quite a few movies on YouTube underneath that identify.

On this video, Imbriano offered details about the frequency at which 5G will reportedly be emitted: 60 GHz.  He knowledgeable the viewer that this frequency is at the start of a variety of frequencies which occur to disrupt the power of the aspect iron to bond with oxygen.[1] His video might be watched under.

This postulation intrigued me as a bioacoustic biology and soundhealth practitioner, and I assumed I might discover this info additional.[2] That exploration impressed the writing of this text. As a practitioner, I take a look at how resonant frequencies in our surroundings can have an effect on us. As such, this text will present necessary details about how, and why, 5G might affect our physique’s type and performance.

As I analyzed this topic bioacoustically, I first discovered that the Frequency Equal (FE) of 60 GHz, which is the same as 60,000,000,000 Hz, is additional equal (albeit at a far decrease frequency) to a standard mineral which is indispensable to our survival on this planet. I might be utilizing this specific frequency equal to additional analyze 5G’s results.

Earlier than we go additional, I’ll outline the time period, “Frequency Equal.” By means of background, every part in our our bodies, and what we put into them (i.e., meals, nutritional vitamins, minerals, medicines, poisons, or toxins, et al) has a numeric frequency, which the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Well being calls a Frequency Equal (TM), or FE, for brief). The physique is extremely system-redundant, as for instance proven by how a strain level can handle signs in several physique elements & methods. Likewise, a single FE can correspond to a muscle & biochemical concurrently. For instance, an incapability to open a pickle jar tends to point a weak decrease thumb muscle & additionally correlates to the mineral zinc. Presenting that exact FE to the physique, by way of headphones or a speaker, can enhance the efficiency of each.

What’s BioAcoustic Biology?

Here’s a description of “bioacoustic biology” from the web site of the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Well being, which is discovered at www.soundhealthoptions.com:

As a bridge between historic concepts of sound therapeutic and the futuristic, Star Trek, protocols that the institute offers, it’s now attainable to reverse illnesses and traumas beforehand considered incurable, to disclose the secrets and techniques of our true nature, to reinforce our lives, to foretell what could also be our destiny via the frequencies of our voice?

Figuring out your personal voice takes on new which means for those who start to think about the likelihood that the sounds of your voice could also be a holographic illustration of all that you’re, all which you can be. Think about a future by which our particular person vocal frequencies characterize our identification; the place using frequency based mostly biomarkers contained inside our voice can be utilized to maintain us wholesome and emotionally balanced.

From start to dying, we use sounds to precise our wants and feelings, however there are further layers of data hidden inside our phrases. As man advanced, language turned ranges of intricate concord nestled inside buildings of nice magnificence that carried which means and allowed understanding of ourselves and others. See  (Edwards, Undated)

What can BioAcoustic Biology inform us about 5G’s Emission Frequency?

My bioacoustic organic evaluation reveals that this frequency equates to things like chlorophyll and glutathione, to call a couple of. It additionally equates with the Frequency Equal of elemental/mineral Iron.

My understanding is that anytime you add power to an atom or molecule, the particles transfer extra quickly, bounce increasingly more off of neighboring particles, and thereby broaden. Including power to a component, as we will fairly say will occur once we work together with electromagnetic fields, corresponding to these produced by 5G, will even trigger it to extend its regular spin of electrons across the nucleus.

Remembering Primary Chemistry

As we excite a substance, increasingly, it’ll move by way of its totally different bodily states of matter. In different phrases, once we warmth a strong, it stays strong until it reaches a melting level, at which era it converts right into a liquid. If heated extra, the liquid boils and turns right into a fuel. A strong has tightly packed atoms and molecules. A liquid has these particles extra unfold out, and a fuel has them unfold out additional nonetheless. This gaseous state is a type of most enlargement of the substance, and we will see this microscopically. See (Encyclopedia Briitannica, Inc., 2019)

Going farther nonetheless into the microscopic world, we see that the precise atoms are responding to the appliance of further power. They exhibit this within the type of an elevated spin of their electrons, and that quicker spin causes the extra agitation of particles we see.  A quicker spin has one other consequence: it causes the electrons to hop from the decrease orbits to the upper orbits of its construction. See (Encyclopedia Briitannica, Inc., 2019). We might use the analogy of a tilt-a-whirl experience on the amusement park. The quicker you spin, the extra outward drive you are feeling in your physique. If you weren’t strapped in, your physique would carry on shifting outward from the middle. The quicker your spin, the extra pressure you are feeling upon your physique. See (Encyclopedia Briitannica, Inc., 2019).

As you might recall out of your chemistry class(es), electrons journey in so-called orbits across the nucleus (which is made up of 1 proton and neutron). There are numerous orbits in an atom, every of which may maintain a unique variety of electrons. There’s a sure amount of electrons which every orbit can accommodate when the atom is in stasis. Within the case of an iron atom, the first orbit holds 2 electrons, the 2nd holds eight, the third holds 14, and the 4th one holds 2. See (Encyclopedia Briitannica, Inc., 2019).

What is perhaps the consequence, of further spin, upon an iron atom? As anticipated, with extra power, be it from warmth or millimeter-sized radio waves, it appears that evidently electrons will doubtless hop up into the atom’s higher orbital areas.

The Affect of Further Power upon the Atoms which Assist us to Breathe

This phenomenon is borne out by the next article, and it exhibits that this impact holds a specific consequence for Iron’s essential interplay with the Oxygen molecule. In response to the article, “The Iron-Oxygen Bond in Oxyhemoglobin,” scientist Max Perutz was impressed by modern scientist, Linus Pauling, to find that “the iron-oxygen binding in hemoglobin is determined by the digital spin transition of the iron atom.” This text goes on to state that:

Primarily, Perutz discovered that when the ferrous iron in hemoglobin is in a low spin state, its larger d-orbitals are unoccupied by electrons, which permits oxygen to type a bond with iron. In a excessive spin state the electrons in ferrous iron are occupying all d-orbitals within the atom, and oxygen stays unbound, as a result of there isn’t a room within the uppermost orbital.

This means that the extra possible construction for hemoglobin includes a single bond between iron and the oxygen molecule, not the double bond that Pauling had proposed in 1948 and once more in 1964.  However Pauling was right with respect to the presence of ferrous iron within the compound, and he had been capable of make this willpower earlier than any crystallographic footage have been out there to him. See  (Scarc, 2014).

On this low spin state, the higher most orbit is open. Because of this all of its electrons are occupying decrease orbits. Oxygen makes use of the uppermost orbit so as to discover a place with iron and to bond with it. See  (Scarc, 2014)

If the Frequency Equal ™ of iron is activated by outdoors power, on the degree of 60,000,000,000 Hz of millimeter wave power, it stands to cause that this can end in an activation of electrons such that they are going to be pushed to the outer orbit, thereby leaving no room for oxygen molecules to have the ability to bond with iron. This might imply that oxygen and iron molecules won’t have the power to bond.

The Potential Attain and Affect of 5G

This phenomenon might be of nice concern to the longer term well being of our world.

Because the imaginative and prescient and the advertising for 5G is for to have its towers inside a number of ft of each other, and to have 5G know-how, inside houses, inside telephones, video games, home equipment, et al, it’s doubtless that nowhere could also be protected from these waves. Underneath a continuing cascade of this particular frequency of radio waves, how and when will our lungs (to not point out these of non-human beings) be capable of deliver the life-giving and life-sustaining oxygen, to which we’re accustomed, into our our bodies?

Whereas the air outdoors will nonetheless include ample quantities of oxygen in a 5G world, our our bodies sarcastically might nonetheless suffocate. To play with an previous saying, we might have miles and miles of oxygen round us, however not a drop to breathe. How swiftly such a state of anoxemia might happen is unknown. However think about, for a second, the diabolical potential of this type of know-how. It might simply be the product of a James Bond-movie degree evil mastermind, and but it’s all too actual.

It’s mind-boggling to think about the potential dangerous results of this know-how. It’s elementary and primary information that we’d like oxygen as a way to survive and thrive. It’s the foundation for our bodily, psychological, and emotional processes. Oxygen performs a key position within the lives of our animals, too. Crops breathe out oxygen for us to breathe in, we breathe out carbon dioxide which they use of their photosynthesis course of. Nature and our creator have given us a beautifully-balanced system. By some means, by design, deception, or dumb luck, the telecomm industries have by some means come across a frequency which can be tremendously counter/-productive and disruptive to that stability. Is that this some type of doomsday system, which might kill off many, and be the means to restrict the freedoms, mobility, and vitality of the remainder of society?

5G’s Harmful Historical past

It’s pertinent to notice that this kind of know-how has already been used as a weapons system. As proven within the article, “5G networks will use the identical frequencies as pain-inflicting crowd management weapons”, this tech was used for functions of crowd management and crowd dispersal. Apparently this know-how can inflict a burning sensation and impact in your pores and skin, as indicated by the quote under:

For years, the U.S., Russian and Chinese language protection businesses have been creating weapons that depend on the potential of this electromagnetic know-how to induce disagreeable burning sensations on the pores and skin as a type of crowd management. Millimeter waves are utilized by the U.S. Military in crowd dispersal weapons referred to as Lively Denial Techniques. Dr. Paul Ben-Ishai pointed to analysis that was commissioned by the U.S. Military to seek out out why individuals ran away when the beam touched them. “In the event you are unfortunate sufficient to be standing there when it hits you, you’ll really feel like your physique is on hearth.” The U.S. Division of Protection explains how: “The feeling dissipates when the goal strikes out of the beam. The feeling is intense sufficient to trigger an almost instantaneous reflex motion of the goal to flee the beam.” See (Unattributed, “5G networks will use the identical frequencies as pain-inflicting crowd management weapons”, 2017)

One other article provides extra info to this dialogue. It mentions that this know-how was developed at the least way back to the 1980’s, and that the burning sensation comes from an precise heating of a sufferer’s pores and skin to a degree of at the very least 130 levels Fahrenheit. It’s stated to be “non-lethal.” See (Unattributed, “Well being Results of 5G Networks,”, 2017)

5G in Context

One might fairly marvel if the claims of non-lethality are legitimate, or if the distinction between life and demise could also be only a matter of diploma (pardon the pun). How arduous wouldn’t it be for the businesses, beaming out this power, to show up the facility and burn us to dying, or to burn down our houses? Is it protected to convey such a possible hazard into our houses?

Chances are you’ll recall that sensible meters have been touted as protected and environment friendly not that way back. They’re just like 5G in that they convey with an outdoor firm. In some instances, sensible meters have ignited or exploded inside houses. The hazard of sensible meters, as a result of a defect within the design or manufacture of a number of models, is subsequently probably deadly. 5G know-how will reportedly be in lots of our home equipment, not only a single outdoors unit. You possibly can think about that, if every of those models even has a fraction of the potential hazard of a single sensible meter unit, the outcomes might be disastrous and lethal.

To those that may protest and ask, “Why would our authorities do such issues?” contemplate this:

Firstly, we have now seen how surveillance has been turned on residents, regardless that a lot, if not all, of its justification for manufacturing and proliferation has been based mostly upon the specter of a overseas enemy. Whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, have offered us a worthwhile service by displaying us how little our authorities, and the Fortune 500 corporations which search to regulate it, cares about our privateness and our well being.

Secondly, it’s now widespread to see that military-grade hardware and armaments have been distributed extensively to native and state police forces.  As these forces start to make use of these things, they start to look extra like troopers or Stormtroopers than typical cops. It isn’t far-fetched to see how 5G, which is meant to be put in in each house, might be used as a part of the militarization of the complete world; and the federal government might conceivably have no less than as a lot info on its residents because it has by itself enemies.

Thirdly, there are considerations over the so-called Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and a doc which NASA briefly had on its web site, about what the world would appear to be in 2025. A lot of this topic is mentioned within the article, “NASA – The Finish of Mankind ‘Leaked Doc.’” See (Wales, Undated)

The above points concern details and occasions which possible appear fantastical to most of us. Making them more durable to understand is the truth that they’ve continuously been branded conspiracy theories for years. But the years 2017 and 2018 have borne witness to the affirmation of many conspiracy theories as scientific reality and the concomitant vindication of many so-called “conspiracy theorists.”  See (Rudkowski, 2017) and (Icke, 2017). For even earlier confirmations and vindications (from 2013 and 2014), take a look at: “25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True,” and “25 Conspiracy Theories That Truly Ended Up Being True”. See (Listing 25, 2013) and (Record 25, 2015).

With so many seemingly implausible theories and occasions turning into documented and publicized, the device of believable deniability, wielded so deftly by the federal government and its handmaiden, the mainstream media, appears increasingly ineffective. On the similar time the burden of proof appears to have shifted onto the institution. It subsequently appears greater than affordable that the remaining so-called “conspiracy theorists” be given the good thing about the doubt once they have the braveness to deal with and warn the general public about details or considerations that they could have.

Coming again to our topic, within the context of those occasions it doesn’t seem unreasonable to state that 5G could also be a part of a plan to enslave, management, and/or kill off a lot of the human race. This brings us to our subsequent pertinent query…

Why Such a Rush to Put this Know-how in Place – Haven’t We Discovered Something from the Previous?

It appears, to this author, very worrisome that the businesses are pushing for native cities and cities to haven’t any actual say over the choice of the place and whether or not (or not) to put this tech. It’s being rushed into place at an alarming fee. The purported watchdog company, the FCC, doesn’t appear involved concerning the know-how within the least. Actually, they appear virtually giddy on the prospect of its full implementation.

None of this tech might be actually be examined earlier than it’s put on-line, and the principles and laws controlling WiFi are woefully outdated, and appear purposely drafted to do little to nothing to guard residents from the hurt that 3G, 4G, and 5G know-how characterize. A few of that is mentioned in a video, entitled “Michigan Home Power Coverage Committee 5G Listening to Might 29, 2018 – Half 1,” and could be discovered at. The world of specific curiosity, in regard to well being points, begins at concerning the 1:04 mark. (Know-how, 2018)

As with conspiracy theories, it has turn into increasingly troublesome to see how we will consider the federal government, the media, or business in regard to well being issues anymore. We all know that GMOs may cause most cancers; we all know that fluoride does not likely assist to guard your tooth and has dangerous psychological results; there’s increasingly credible proof that we and our property are being attacked from the sky (by way of chemtrails/geoengineering and lasers); and we now know that there have been no efforts to enhance the security of vaccines during the last 32 years regardless of the legislative mandate to take action;

Regardless of the risks, the company previously referred to as Monsanto, now Bayer, continues to be promoting its poison. Fluoride continues to be peddled by most dentists, and nonetheless flowing out of many space water provides. We’re nonetheless seeing streaks within the sky day by day, and California continues to be being wracked by fires lots of which appear to be brought on by aerosol spraying, HAARP beams, and lasers from above. Lastly, regardless of the risks, vaccine corporations nonetheless act with impunity and a few areas of the world have, or ponder having obligatory vaccines. Contemplating that Adolf Hitler put fluoride into the meals provide of the prisoners in his focus camps with a view to make them extra docile, the push towards obligatory vaccines appears to smack of fascism.

The Small Quantity of 5G Testing has been Neither Public Nor Constructive

In his February 10, 2018 video, talked about above, Joe Imbriano talked about that 5G was already utilized in 2 U.S. faculties. In these experiments, the next signs allegedly manifested: paralysis, arrhythmia, neurological issues, tingling within the extremities, fainting, malaise, and fatigue. (Imbriano, 2018)

Particular Word: Sharry Edwards, and her employees on the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Well being, are engaged on this and lots of different well being points and considerations. Quite a few courses, and common radio broadcasts, can be found that will help you study much more. Their web site is www.soundhealthoptions.com and their telephone quantity is (740) 698-9119. You can see the knowledge and software program, discovered there, to be very informative and empowering.

Lastly, when you want to get some expertise working with vocal evaluation, itself, go to www.SoundHealthPortal.com – the Institute’s on-line pubic workstation. Sharry Edwards has indicated that she might be dedicating a part of the workstation to analyzing individuals’s sensitivity to 5G know-how. So be looking out for that.

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Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding curiosity in various well being merchandise & modalities because the early 1970’s & he has seen how they’ve made individuals go from missing well being to vibrant well being. He turned an lawyer, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father alongside the best way and brings that have to his apply as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, underneath the tutelage of the award-winning founding father of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving shoppers for 30 years with a non-invasive & protected integrative modality that helps the physique’s means to self-heal utilizing the facility of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve shoppers in Larger Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “nearly” the world. He may also be reached at [email protected]